Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Me Being Disrespectful BULLSHIT!!! Just Worried About The $$

Me Being Disrespectful, BULLSHIT!!!
Just because u & ur ex had me & r making me live in this life of hell doesn't mean that i'm going 2 get asked ?'s, give my answer 4 those ?'s & then since u don't agree with the answers I give let u call it me being disrespectful. IF U DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHAT MY ANSWER IS DON'T ASK THE ?!!! I believe that u are much more disrespectful 2 me than u think I am 2 u.

Just Worried About The $$
When u & ur ex had me the Dr.'s & nurses told u from the very beginning that I had medical problems & disabilities. So u knew I was going 2 cost a lot with requard 2 medicine. There4 u being retired now & out of $$ is not my problem!!!!! You bitch telling me I have 2 make sure I take my medicine, then u bitch about how much it costs like it's my fault I have 2 take it in the 1rst place. MAKE UP UR MIND ALREADY!!!!! I didn't bring me in2 this world, u & ur ex did!!!

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