Thursday, March 3, 2016

Dr. Appt & MRI Results About My Left Knee

Got home from my Dr. Appt 2day a little after noon.

Well, people always ask other people do you want the good news 1rst or the bad news? Since I can't ask u all that in person I'll give u all the good news about 2day's Dr. Appt. 1rst.

The good news is that the course of action 4 care of my left knee is going 2 be very manageable. Their is also a cyst on the bone but that is nothing 2 worry about.

The bad news about my left knee is that my left knee cap is way out of line 2 the left. Their is also alot of fluid.

Course of action 4 care is 2day I was given a better knee brace & an injection in my left knee. We are also going 2 try PT again @ a different place then where I've gone 2 b4. I'll get injections about every 10 weeks if they keep helping me.

If the brace, injections, & PT don't work then the last resort is surgery 2 release the knee cap with a 6-8 week recovery time. Surgery is done with no hospital stay cause they will do it using a scope.

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