Saturday, March 5, 2016

Awake & Asleep All Night

As usual I tried getting some sleep last night/this morning but it was 2 no aval.

I kept trying 2 use my sleep machine 4 my sleep apnea last night 2 try & see if that would help me fall asleep but it didnt. Between extra air blowing out of it where the air shouldn't be blowing & the cord wrapping itself where it shouldn't be wrapping itself the machine was a real nucince.

Their are also some, ok, ok most nights when my brain never shuts up or shuts off. THIS IS 1 OF THE MOST FRUSTRATING THINGS 2 DEAL WITH WHEN TRYING 2 SLEEP!!!! I don't know if my brain not shutting up/shutting off is part of 1 of my medical problems/disabilities but damn it people it is frustrating as heck!!

Knee pain in my left knee is very painful also. Putting almost any weight on my left leg when walking is unbearable. Also when i'm laying down if I put my right leg on top of my left it causes sharp pain.

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