Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Really Wish My Left Knee Wouldn't Hurt So Bad!!!!!

2 nights b4 Thanksgiving (Nov. 24th) I was about 2 sit down in a recliner & heard a REALLY LOUD popping noise come from my left knee. I couldn't go 2 Urgent Care that night cause I didn't have a ride so I went the next day (Nov. 25th). On the 25th I got diagnosed with Bursitis.

On January 6th I went 2 a Dr & found out part of my Bursitis meant a broken meniscus (tendon in my knee).

On January 27th my primary care physician ordered an x-ray of my knee so that I could get referred 2 an Orthopedic Dr. about my knee. I have an appt. with the Orthopedic Dr. on the 9th of February.

On January 28th I went & had the x-rays done. I still haven't gotten the results yet.

Ever since January 29th I've had weakness in my left leg along with my pain. Also, sometimes when I bend down 2 pick something up & then get back up again I get a EXTREMELY sharp pain in my knee.

I wonder if other people who have bursitis have a lot of a burning feeling where their bursitis is because I know I sure do!!!

Everytime I try 2 walk it hurts really, really bad :( which means I can't walk very much :( :(

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