Sunday, February 28, 2016

Another Adopted Little Girl (Camper/Scout)

     On 11/28/15 I started playing Baby Adopter, Baby Adopter Sea, and Baby Adopter Holidays through apps I got off of Google Play in the games section.

     In Baby Adopter I picked the baby named Taylor.

     In Baby Adopter Sea I picked the baby named Maria

     In Baby Adopter Holidays I picked the baby named Lisa

     Then on 12/21/15 I started playing Milky Baby

     In Milky Baby I picked the baby named Sarah

     Then on 1/28/16 I started playing Little Girl Magic

     In Little Girl Magic I picked the 7 yr old named Jackie

     Then last night 2/27/16 I started playing Scout Legend

       In Scout Legend I picked the Scout/Camper named Nicole

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