Saturday, February 13, 2016

It's Cookie Time

     If you are a Girl Scout like I used 2 be or if you know a Girl Scout then you know about Girl Scout Cookie selling.

     People who are a  Girl Scout or know a Girl Scout know that Girl Scout Cookie sales started 2day & cookies are on sale 2day Sat. Feb. 13 - Mon. Mar. 21. 

    My local Girl Scout Council is Girl Scouts of Central Illinois Springfield, Illinois 62703-591=8 (217) 523-8159. Their email address is Their website is or

     To find them on Facebook go 2

     To find them on Twitter go 2

     To find out why the girls sell Girl Scout Cookies go to All About Cookies

      To find out the different types of Girl Scout Cookies the Girl Scouts sell you can go 2 Meet The Cookies

     2 listen 2 the Feb. 12, 16 podcast of Kate Peters With Girl Scouts Of Central Illinois on WTAX Radio on Sound Cloud go 2

     You can also go 2 the Girl Scout Cookie Finder App on Google Play or on ur iPhone. App.

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