Saturday, June 18, 2016

So Sorry You Get Paid 2 Drive People & 0ur Stuff Around & I Don't

On Wed. June 15th i called CityLift 2 make a reservation 4 2 pickups 4 Thurs June 16. I made 1 from home 2 PT & 1 from PT 2 the laundromat.

I usually make 3 bus reservations but i didnt want 2 pay the extra $2 just 2 go get my laundry @ my apt So instead of going from home 2 PT & from PT back home, & then from home 2 the laundromat. I decided 2 just make 2 reservations 1 from home 2 PT & 1 from PT 2 the laundromat.

Thurs June 16 @ 9:45a:m came & i was ready when the bus came. The bus driver helped me load my stuff on the bus, drove me near PT & unloaded my stuff because I am not allowed 2 leave anything on the bus when im not there. Then between 12:15pm-1pm the bus driver picked me up near PT again and we loaded my stuff back on the bus. BTW what i mean by my stuff is my Rollater/Walker, a laundry basket on wheels, & 2 stand alone baskets. Then we go 2 pick up another person(this person is in a wheelchair) before the driver takes me 2 the laundromat. & when the driver is trying 2 get back 2 his seat he sees some of my stuff in his way that i am then trying 2 move & hes making comments about it like "see what i have 2 put up with" i told him he gets paid 2 drive people around & i cant even drive. He made me so upset i was crying on the bus.

Like always it was just another reminder 2 me that if my fuckheaded parents wouldn't have subjected me to this life sentence of medical bullshit & disability bullshit without the possibility of parole from it I wouldn't have had this problem in the 1rst place.

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