Sunday, May 22, 2016

x2line Games

     I started playing x2line games on my phone on 11/28/15 & stopped on 3/15/16 due 2 having trouble with my phone keeping a charge.

     I got a replacement phone the weekend of 4/22/16-4/24/16 & on 4/28/16 when I went 2 play my games my baby was gone in each game & all the progress I had made on the game was lost in each game.

     Listed below is how long I played each game b4 I lost everything.

Baby Adopter Taylor 11/29/15-3/11/16

Baby Adopter Holidays Lisa 11/28/15-3/11/16

Baby Adopter Sea Maria 11/28/15-3/11/16

Little Girl Magic Jackie 1/28/16-3/11/16

Milky Baby Sarah 12/21/15-3/11/16

Orange Tree Judith  3/15/16-3/15/16

Scout Legend Nicole 2/27/16-3/23/16

     Once i worked with people @ Baby Adopter & got promo codes 2 get my stuff back 4 everything except on Orange Tree I finally have almost everything back. YAY!!!!!

     Since I essentially had 2 start over in each game. I was told I could either pick the baby or kid I had b4 or pick a new 1. I chose 2 pick different ones 4 most of the games.

     The baby or kid I have now in each game is

Baby Adopter Lidya 5/3/16-

Baby Adopter Holidays Erin 5/3/16-

Baby Adopter Sea Liz 5/3/16-

Little Girl Magic Alicia 5/3/16-

Milky Baby Uma 5/3/16-

Orange Tree Maya 5/3/16-

Scout Legend Nicole 5/3/16-

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