Thursday, January 7, 2016

Still Good People In The World Thank You Jason

Had about $23 in groceries 2 pay 4 @ Walmart 2day & cashiers kept having their lane closed sign out so I could not see it. One older cashier even had their sign upside down then turned it right side up & said their lane was closed when I said I didn't see the sign.

Once I finally found a lane that didn't have a lane closed sign out or didn't turn their sign right side up when it was upside down I told the cashier in my lane about being refused @ the checkout. She said "the other cashier should have taken you" "You don't have that much" I said "I know" A guy 2 people behind me named Jason heard our conversation & said "let me just pay 4 her groceries" so he stepped up 2 where I was he said "go ahead & let her take her stuff & add my stuff 2 it & i"ll pay 4 it all" I said "You don't have 2 do that" & the cashier said "nobody ever does that" but he did it anyway

*****Note***** I know his name is Jason because b4 leaving Walmart I stopped him again 2 thank him again & asked him his name.

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