Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Blogger's Dilemma

Right now I am going through a blogger's dilemma.

1 dilemma is on Dec. 28th 2015 I made a blog on wordpress 4 the 2016 year but I was having trouble sharing my posts & people were having trouble opening the links 2 my posts on google+ So on Dec. 31rst 2015 I created the Blogspot Blog

Another dilemma is now the only followers I can see is the 1 who has a Gmail account.

A 3rd dilemma is also people who don't have a Gmail email address are not able 2 comment on my post :( :( :( :( :(

& I don't how 2 fix the problems. UUGGHH!!!!!!

So do you think I should do 2 blogs with the same blog posts on them (1 on wordpress & 1 on blogspot) so that people with Google can comment on my blogspot blog & people without can comment on my wordpress blog. Also people on Google or. Google+ can open links from my blogspot blog & people without can open links from wordpress blog?

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